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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Left And To The Back

One of the most consistently interesting and entertaining blogs on the Interweb is Left And To The Back, hosted by the intriguingly named 23 Daves. Here's how he describes it:

"Left and to the Back" is a blog exploring the dark and dusty world of flop singles and albums, the kind you may find lingering near the stock room of your local second hand record store (if you still have one), or perhaps going for extortionate sums on ebay.All styles from all eras get a look in here - the only qualifying factor should be that the artist under discussion either failed to reach the top forty, or else released interesting material which fell by the wayside at some point in their careers. Odd minor one-hit wonders and early flop singles by known stars may also sometimes feature.

He also posts the occasional compilation, complete with informative and witty sleeves notes. The latest of these is called simply Pop and covers the fascinating underbelly of '60s UK pop. Highly recommended!


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