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Friday, September 26, 2008

Five For Friday

The Rolling Stones - BBC Sessions

Chris Britton - As I Am

The Troggs - Trogglodynamite

The Beatles - The Alternate Abbey Road

Various - Pebbles Vol. 6

More downloads this week. The real find is the Chris Britton LP. The only solo album by the Troggs' guitarist, it's never been issued on CD and original copies are rare as hen's teeth. It's as unlike the Troggs' output as you could imagine, being pastoral pop-psych with some lovely baroque flourishes such as harpsichord and tablas instead of drums on many of the tracks. Highly recommended! You can get it here:

I would have felt more than a bit cheated if I'd bought the Alternate Abbey Road at a record fair as half of it consists of Anthology tracks and the so-called mono mixes are just the released versions that somebody's knocked up on their computer! Having said that, it's still quite an interesting listen but I'm glad I didn't pay for it!


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