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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Alternate Walls And Bridges

I've been a stone-crazy Beatlemaniac since the age of 11 and always erred to the Lennon side of things (although I've come to appreciate Paul and George a lot more in recent years). However, I've never been able to get into Walls And Bridges, apart from the two hitty-toppers, Whatever Gets You Through The Night and #9 Dream. That's until I heard the stripped down early versions on this excellent collection from Pear Corps. The songs themselves are allowed to shine through and John seems to sing them with more passion and conviction. It's still not up to the standard of Imagine or Mind Games (a particular flavourite of mine despite the general consensus) but it's a very good listen. I must dig out my vinyl copy of the regular LP and give it another spin. You can get the Alternate Walls And Bridges here:
Julio's blog is a veritable treasure trove of Fabs and solo stuff. If you've the slightest interest in Beatles' ROIOs, it's definitely a great place to start. Cheers, Julio!


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